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The Focus Fusion Society is a membership organization.  Dues-paying members are the backbone of the organization.  Your dues help to support us as we develop and implement the strategic plan, the website, educational materials and more! 
The crowdfunding campaign has finished, but you can still support our cause:


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Membership Benefits

When you join the dues paying members of Focus Fusion Society, you will get the warm fuzzy (10 billion°) feeling of making a difference in the fusion endeavor; of being one of the people that stood up (or sat and clicked) and did something proactive to get humankind through this major technological barrier. 

What’s involved in being a supporter of the Focus Fusion Society, a plasma pioneer, a fusion philanthropist?  We haven’t decided.  Make sure to share your opinions here (Membership Matters) and here (Benefits). 

To take a leadership role in the organization, you may want to become a Board Member

In addition to the many ways to get involved, your membership dues (or one time donations) are essential, critical, fundamental to helping the Focus Fusion Society do its thing!

And what is its thing?  More About FFS »

Should I become a Dues Paying Member, or just Donate?

That’s a personal decision. 

To donate through PayPal, use the “One Time Donation” or “Become a Member” buttons to the left. 

Note that if you use the “member” buttons, you have signed up to be a member!  Or, from Paypal’s point of view, you clicked a link for an annual subscription.  Long after we’ve all forgotten what you did in this moment of madness (or, to be precise, one year later), Paypal will become subscription aware, and will automatically bill you for renewal dues.  This will go on for years until you notice, and realize - gosh!  Is that all I’m paying for such a great organization?  You can, of course, cancel the subscription at any time.  We just want to warn you here so that you don’t freak out next year. 

Membership can mean more than that, of course.  We encourage you to take a more active role (discuss in forums)  We’re an evolving organization, and that’s still something we’re working out.  We’ll need to officially vote on it soon! 

Don’t like Paypal?  You can always send us a check. 

All contributions are tax deductible:  the Focus Fusion Society is a tax-exempt charity under section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code.   

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Focus Fusion Society
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Membership Benefits

We’re thinking of other ways to reward members.  Discuss membership privileges in the forums! 


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