We are a grassroots campaigning and educational organisation, fighting to bring cheap energy to all.

We are a group of like-minded individuals, who aim to direct all contributions to the scientific endeavour for fusion energy.

We are a group committed to an aneutronic energy source, ridding the world of dangerous neutronic waste.

It is the aim of the Focus Fusion Society to communicate the possibilities of fusion technology with honesty and objectivity and to guide funding to the research teams that can bring the dreams of fusion to reality.

The Fusion Focus Society will serve to:

  • Support efforts in fusion research
  • Advocate for funding for fusion energy research
  • Educate the public about the race towards fusion energy
  • Educate the public about the benefits of fusion
  • Provide a venue for the discussion of issues related to fusion.

The Fusion Focus society is a not for profit organisation. It is governed under 501(c)(3), as an organization that is working for education and science. Each year, during the society’s annual meeting, members vote and elect the board of directors who carry the work of the society forward. This is in keeping with our bye-laws.


“We bring people together to bring nuclei together.”

We’re putting the emphasis on people and organizing over science and energy. It’s human beings (scientists) who do the science which may liberate the energy. Science doesn’t do itself. It’s other human beings who fund/support those scientists. Scientists don’t fund themselves.

Some have said that the specification “aneutronic fusion” is limiting, but we feel that the pursuit of aneutronic includes the pursuit of other types of fusion. Our strategy includes a strong educational component that benefits the pursuit of other energy resources as well.